Jason Derulo: I embrace seasons

Jason Derulo has spoken about his experience recording with Jennifer Lopez for his new album Everything Is 4.

Jason Derulo was inspired by seasons while creating the title for his new album.

The 25-year-old musician is currently promoting his fourth studio LP Everything Is 4.

Jason was born in Miami, Florida to Haitian parents and his Caribbean roots played a major role in the creation of his fresh music.

“I actually wanted to involve four seasons,” he told Entertainment Tonight of how he came up with the title, Everything Is 4. “Four is the number that follows us around. There’s four legs on a chair, representing a strong foundation, and foundation is important to me because I come from a Haitian family and we literally started from the bottom and to where I am right now is just crazy. I’ll always remember my foundation, I’ll always remember where I came from and four seasons represents change.”

Jennifer Lopez makes a special appearance on Jason’s song Try Me.

And recording with the songstress was remarkably fun for him.

“We actually danced the entire night,” he recalled. “[The song] has this addicting feel, but more importantly it has a Caribbean vibe about it and that’s our roots. She is Puerto Rican and I am Haitian, so our roots are in this song…I think people are going to dig it.”

Jason’s three-year relationship with fellow singer Jordin Sparks ended last year.

Now that he’s a single man again the star is fully embracing exciting new experiences.

“In this point in my life, it’s all about fresh, new living life to the fullest,” he gushed. “I’ve been living very different for the past eight months. Man, it’s been like a new joy in my life. A new weight lifted, man, so it’s been really exciting.”
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Thursday, 04. June 2015