Sam Smith: I can speak again!

Sam Smith has revealed his joy at being able to speak again after being put on vocal rest for three weeks following an operation.

Sam Smith is off vocal rest.

The 22-year-old singer was banned from speaking or singing after undergoing surgery on his vocal cords a month ago.

But on Wednesday, Sam took to Instagram to reveal his joy at being able to speak again after staying silent for three weeks following the operation.

He posted a shot of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, clasping her throat as she regains her voice after being made mute following a deal with Ursula, the Sea Witch.

“I CAN SPEAK AGAIN!!!!!!!(sic)” Sam captioned the picture.

Sam was forced to cancel several tour dates in Australia when he suffered a haemorrhage on his vocal cords.

Although doctors initially advised him to rest his voice in an attempt to allow the ailment to heal on its own, Sam later confirmed he would have to undergo surgery to repair the damage.

Now he’s on the road to recovery, however, the star has rescheduled his dates for November and December.

Alongside a picture of a tour poster, Sam wrote: “AUSTRALIA. From all the bad news has come some good news!! Not only am I coming back to make up for the cancelled shows but I get to play bloody arenas!!!!

“So excited to sing for all of you and apologise personally for my bleeding throat xxxx (sic)”

Sam previously revealed that he was terrified about the prospect of not being able to speak for three weeks.

Last month, Sam was forced to miss the Billboard Music Awards and gave his acceptance speech on giant placards because he wasn’t able to physically voice his thanks.
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Wednesday, 03. June 2015