The 1975 Is Not Breaking Up

    ...they're just pink now.

    Gosh, what a past few nerve-wrecking days, when it comes to The 1975. First, Matthew Healy threw us all into a tailspin when he posted some sort of cryptic announcement on Twitter and Instagram, in form of a comic, seemingly hinting at the band’s breakup, with one cartoon woman saying to the other, ‘Did you hear about The 1975?’ provoking the response, ‘I wanted that to last forever.’

    The comic also featured a black figure lurking behind a pink, gagged figure – labeled, respectively, ‘Old Matty’ and ‘New Matty’, and a blurry message reading: ‘Our projected identity must change not only visually but philosophically – how do you do that?…. Firstly we must reclaim our identity & repossess our control of it… Until then there won’t be any pop music or dancing with long hair.’ Then, their social media accounts went dark.

    That was THE moment, when everyone (including me) was starting to freak out. But now we know, that EVERYONE can set their minds on ease again, cause the only thing these guys seem to be breaking up with, is their black and white aesthetic.

    ‘Everything that we do is in black and white – and I suppose that’s partly stylistic, but I think it’s partly because this band is such a personal endeavor’, Healy told MTV back in 2013.

    ‘I think we found a bit of solace in keeping everything black and white, because it keeps things quite detached from reality and kind of puts a boundary between us and what’s actually happening’, he added.

    So, perhaps, it’s a good thing that the guys are ready to break through that black and white boundary, cause it totally seems as if their second album is in the making (YAY), as the band just recently announced their UK tour dates (all in PINK of course) on their Facebook page. We’ll definitely keep an ear – and eye – out for the guys’ next move.

    Until then, you may wanna watch WTF with Matty over and over again:

    Wednesday, 03. June 2015