A Love Story: Niall Horan & The Grandpa Cap

  • The first public appearance of Niall and THE HAT >>>

  • And their already inseperable... he even takes 'it' to his recording sessions. CUTE!

  • And 'it' got to hang with his friends. That went quick...

  • Niall even introduced THE HAT to his BFF Liam... things are getting serious!

  • Totally lovedrunk!

  • And of course the Directioner Fandom got all creative. Harry even ditches girls for Niall and his hat...

  • Nialls grandpa hat is so beautiful...

  • ...that it could easily repalce....

  • ...all of the other 1D lads!!!! YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL <3

  • Or be the acutall new fifth member (ZAAAAAYYYYN)

  • Then, after a few weeks of glorious happiness...

  • ...Niall was spotted in London...

  • ...leaving the studio....

  • ...wearing ANOTHER HAT! Is this already the end of Hiall (Niall + Hat)????

  • NOPE the love story continues, as the Niallster was recently spotted hanging out WITH his beloved (one) hat at a Ariana Grande concert <3

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    #OhYesNiall #GrandpaNiall

    If you’ve been keeping up with One Direction's Niall Horan, you may have noticed, that he’s lately been favoring one particular accessory – a tweed newsboy cap, better known as the ‘grandpa’ hat.

    Whatever one may name ‘it’, the more important question is, are Niall and the hat an item yet?!

    Attention: It may pay off to be a fan of the new pair, as Niall totally appreciates the (rare) love he gets for his look and new partner in crime. So if you want to grab Niallsters attention, definitely support his beloved hat. You also might wanna get used to the new it-couple, cause it totally seems, as if ‘the hat’ is here to stay.

    >>> Niall Horan Got Pranked In The Best Way Ever

    To be honest, we kinda dig them being so inseparable and above all Nialls loyalty, wearing ‘it’ no matter the occasion, so that we just had to create an entire Love Story gallery, with the ultimate proof and timeline of their loving relationship.

    Check out their most loveworthy PDA moments (until now) above.

    #OhYesNiall #Hiall #RelationshipGoals #GrandpaNiall

    Tuesday, 02. June 2015