The Beat Of Norway | 7.0

It's time to put Norway in the limelight.

As summer is getting closer, and more and more contenders for the song of the summer are showing up, it’s about time to listen to these new songs from the Norwegian music scene, to already choose your very own summer vibe. Personally, we love them all, but we might even bet a little extra on the new, incredibly catchy single from Gabrielle.

Gabrielle – Mellom Skyene
YASSS! Gabrielle is back with a total banger of single. We don’t know how she does it, but Gabrielle somehow manages to blow our minds (and ears) every summer with one of her monster trakcs. Production wise, ‘Mellom Skyene’ reminds us of some of Madeon’s best work. So this one, could easily follow in the successful footsteps of ‘5 Fine Frøkner’.

Listen to the track on Spotify >>> Click HERE and try to resist the catchiness.

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A-Lee – Rainbow
Turn your speakers up loud for this track. A-Lee has already had quite the string of hits, and now, after a short break he’s back with a new feel good anthem! ‘Rainbow’ is so instant and catchy, that it could be a serious contender for this years hit of the summer. 

Listen to A-Lee’s ‘Rainbow’ right HERE

Bearson – Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)
YAAY more original music from Bearson! He has provided us with countless great remixes, but only a few original productions. ‘Imposter’ delivers on every account, in a smooth and suttle way. Mark Johns fits in perfectly with Bearson’s unique style!

Listen to the track HERE

Tooji – L.Y.S( Love Yourself)
Tooji’s music career hasn’t really gone anywhere after he won Norway’s Eurovision with ‘Stay’ three years ago. There have been a few singles here and there, but this time around he’s released something a bit more radio friendly and incredibly infectious! ‘L.Y.S (Love Yourself)’ is a groovy empowering anthem, that’ll get you singing along in no time. He really showcases what a great voice he has. 

Watch the inspirational video below:

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Truls – Circles
Truls really won over Norway with his debut single ‘Out of Yourself’, and the accompanying album ‘TRVLS’. But now he is ready to start all over again with his brand new single ‘Circles’. The recognizable falscetto is back in action, along with a powerful melody, so that we have HIGH hopes for his new album!

Will this be another smash hit for Truls?! Check it out HERE

Astrid S – 2 AM (Matoma Remix)
What would the Beat of Norway be without any music from Astrid S?! Her debut smash single ‘2 AM’ has gotten a remix makeover from Matoma, another Beat-favourite. He manages to give the track just enough of his tropical style, without damaging the mystical vibe Astrid has managed to create. This might be able to give ‘2 AM’ a second life on the radio while we anxiously await the arrival of her second single.

Listen to the reworked version of ‘2 AM’ HERE

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St. Niklas – Fire With Fire
St. Niklas is an up and coming singer songwriter, who’s music is something in between the indie pop-rock landscape. ‘Fire With Fire’ is an emotional guitar-driven track, that really showcases his strong raw vocals. We are looking forward to more music from this guy! 

Check out ‘Fire With Fire’ HERE

Written By Erik Rydning

Friday, 29. May 2015