Watch Out Pet! Vicky Pattinson Is Back!

...and she's taking no prisoners

After her heartbreaking and tearful farewell of the Geordie Shore house, Vicky Pattison is finally back where she belongs – on MTV.
Lucky us, Queen V will return to our TV screens on Sunday, June 7th to help solve our ‘every day’ dilemmas. Whether you’ve got a relationship problem, cheating boyfriend, backstabbing best friend or family dispute, Vicky aka Judge Geordie is here to save the day.


Queen V spent years being a shoulder to cry on during her time on the Toon, and now the potty-mouthed matriarch is embarking on the mother of all road trips, as she travels up and down the UK helping to fix relationships and friendships that are on the brink of no return.

‘From friendship to romance, there’s nothing we can’t handle! But be warned – we aren’t going to sugarcoat anything – we’re dishing up tough love with a side of sarcasm and a helping of brutal honesty! So if you’re a cheat, liar or just a general twat, brace yourself because we are coming for you!’ Vicky warns.

Don’t miss Judge Geordie when it hits the screens on Sunday, June 7th at 22:00 only on MTV.

Wednesday, 27. May 2015