Geordie Shore 10 | Season Finale Must See Snaps

  • What's happening with Hyle?

  • It's time for Kyle for to man up!

  • Even Char's hoping he'll do the right thing, like...

  • ...we'll never forget!

  • Poor Holly!

  • She's looking mint mind.

  • Come on Kyle!

  • Which way will it go?!

  • As if these two could keep away of each other!

  • Holly gets a bit of advice from Mr. allwifedup

  • Gaz's clearly on cloud 9

  • And so are the rest of the Geordies

  • Kyle's even patched up things with Charlotte

  • Woah! Put it away pet!

  • Is Gaz at it too?

  • He'll go blind.

  • Maybe he was just preparing for work.

  • It's always toon time on Geordie Shore.


  • Did someone mention a dance off?!

  • LOL

  • We've seen the parsnip pirouette a few times now...

  • Scotty-T's back!

  • And so are Chloe's chops.

  • Lets hope she has a reet goodnight.

  • Wait for it.

  • After all that trouble.

  • Chloe doesn't look impressed.

  • Chomp. Chomp.

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    It's the final countdown pets.

    Don’t be all too sad now pets! We know, we know it’s all over for know, but you also might know, that the lads and lasses of the Geordie Shore house won’t leave us with a BIG gong. So definitely be prepared for this times season finale and already get a glimpse of what will happen by clicking through our ‘Season Finale Must See Snaps’ gallery above!

    Tune in for the season final of Geordie Shore 10, Sunday 22:00 only on MTV.

    Tuesday, 26. May 2015