Watch Justin Bieber's Boyz II Men Interpretation

Caution: This is swoon-worthy video material

Since Justin Bieber's appearance at the ‘Late Late Show’, doing Carpool Karaoke with host James Corden last week (which was basically the best sing ever), we now not only know, that JB only wears his boxers one time, to then throw them away. Nope, we now also know, that Justin’s a real sucker for R&B music, especially when it comes to Boys II Men (I mean, who isn’t???).

>>> Watch Justin Bieber Do 'Carpool Karaoke'

Reason enough, for the Biebes to hit the stage and gift us with a swoon-worthy interpretation of one of the sexiest Boyz II Men hits everrrr, ’I’ll Make Love To You’… and uh yes, he really did ‘make’ love to us!

So go and watch a Fedora-wearing JB, slamming it in one of the sexiest *Instagram *vid series our eyes were allowed to witness:

Tuesday, 26. May 2015