Gaga's Engagement Ring Is Errwhere

  • 7 times Lady Gaga's Engagement Ring Actually Needed It's Own Instagram Account >>>

  • Ummm, yeah, no one is looking at your French tips - sorry, Gaga

  • I didn’t even notice there was a long feather hanging off of her index finger. Seriously.

  • The ring ah uhm her feather printed finger nails from a TOTALLY different ankle!

  • Gaga learning how to pose with your clutch in a car.

  • Feet on the seat, bag and shoes in plain view - there’s one, um, glittery addition in the foreground.

  • #getthecoffe or rather #blingbling

  • And again the center of attention... an liiiike, she’s wearing a corset and drinking champagne? We need details, please.

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    7 times Lady Gaga’s engagement ring actually needs it's own Instagram account

    In February, Lady Gaga got engaged to Taylor Kinney. Since then, her HUGE, heart-shaped engagement ring has made numerous appearances on her Instagram feed (it should actually have it’s own account). And though it never is credited as the focal point of the photos, it 100% is. Always…

    Don’t believe us? We do have proof in our picture gallery above, go click it!

    Monday, 25. May 2015