Watch Nick Jonas' New Video & His Buff Arms's a 'Good Thing'!

Nick Jonas and Sage The Gemini really did a ‘Good Thing’ with their eponymos and totally summer vibey music video. The duo actually just revealed their collab and whoops, dropped the belonging video in actual no time!

Directed by Hannah Lux David (who recently helmed Hilary Duff’s colorful, Tinder-themed ‘Sparks’ video), the clip finds Sage Nick (and his buff arms) escaping to an exotic jungle paradise, littered with palm trees and plenty of bikini-clad models.

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The song, a R&B tune at its finest, will make you get all emotional… so you’ll wanna book your summer vacay with Nick (and his buff arms) to make the good things keep happening… oh geeze!

Friday, 22. May 2015