Hilary Duff's On Tinder?!

Wait... What?!

All that stuff you’ve heard about Hilary Duff going on Tinder dates is true. Yap, this is no drill peeps! How do we know? Well, because HD totally puts it all on display in her ‘Sparks’ music video.

Hilary, who just announced her ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ album by mailing balloons to her fans (how cute is that), opens the video with media coverage of her personal life, including those rumors that she’s on Tinder.

The point of the whole thing, is to do something you’ve never done before, to take risks, and, apparently, to mic all your dates so you have great audio for your new music video.

‘I never ever thought I’d do something like this,’ Duff. ‘And when I just surrendered to the experience, I had a great time.’

Why not, do a crazy dance, go on a blind date, just do something different and put yourself out there. That’s how you’ll start feeling those so called SPARKS.

Thursday, 21. May 2015