Check Out Sam Smith's Magical B-Day Present

  • Check out Sam Smith's B-Day in pictures >>>

  • Daddy Smith and son

  • Mom and Dad Smith

  • The close circle <3

  • Ellen DeGeneres' cue card B-day wish for Sam

  • Sam's emotional birthday friends collage!

  • THE Harry Potter wand and probably best present everrrr

  • His B-day present from Capitol Records

  • ...and a box full of healthy goods from his friend and nutrition mentor Amelia Freer

  • It can't be all healthy on a day like this! Sam captioned this pic with the words: 'Keeping it classy on the birthday'. Cheers mate!

  • Most popular videos's truly magical, no joke!

    Now seriously guys, what should you get a man for his birthday that already has everything? And by everything,” we mean literally everything. I mean "Sam Smith basically won all of the awards this year, he’s blessed with his charming ways and dashing looks and (normally) an angelic voice.

    Luckily, Sam's sisters have a ‘gifted’ mind when it comes to birthday presents, as they came up with the most hilarious birthday pressie idea. They got ‘Sammy’ a real life Harry Potter wand. What the efffff… this might be the best present ever, cause now Sam can even work some more magic on his music, and perhaps can let his voice appear a little sooner, no complaining there, don’t get us wrong, we just miss his dulcet tones so much!

    Besides of all the awesome birthday present madness, it seemed, as if Sam had a real rad birthday in general – as he shared and shared and shared… a lot of pics on Instagram. Obviously love was all around that day!

    Wednesday, 20. May 2015