Zedd And Nina Dobrev Get Cosy

    ...seems as Zeddlena has really hit the end of the road now.

    Uh Oh, poor Selena Gomez might wanna check-in to heartbreak hotel soon again, when seeing the little selfie, (ex) ‘Vampire Diaries’ superstar Nina Dobrev and rumored Selena’s ex-boyfriend Zedd both recently shared on Instagram… and they kinda look quite cosy together. Not enough, they also felt the urge to caption their little snapshot with a loooot of ‘thanking’ each other:

    ‘Thank you for teaching me your DJing tricks. I would never be able to spin as good as you though.
    #Repost @zedd

    ‘Thank you for teaching me your selfie tricks @ninadobrev. My eyes couldn’t find the camera lens though.’

    To be honest, this leaves us a little suspicious and we might even start thinking of a new couple name already… ‘Nedd’ or ‘Zina’…mh… they both sound kinda cute, don’t you think?!

    Tuesday, 19. May 2015