Hotty Alert: Watch Nicki MinajS & Beyonce's New Video

...and we've ranked all of the hottest moments... all of them!

OHEHMGEE people, hold your breaths… ‘cause what your eyes are ’bout to witness, is definitely one of these ’too hot to handle moments’! We’re talking ‘bout Nicki Minaj's and Beyoncé's new music video ’Feeling Myself’.

The girls released their new music video just yesterday, exclusively on Jay-Z's music platform Tidal, in which we can be part of them rockin’ it at Coachella, which basically lets you drool all over their seriously glamorous lifestyle (please take us with you).

Of course we instantly felt in serious need to list their hottest moments (there are several ones) of ‘Feeling Myself’. We totally fell you girls… TOTALLY feel you!

Tuesday, 19. May 2015