Geordie Shore 10: 27 Must See Spoilers #7

  • This episode seems pretty terrifying already...

  • Kyle's having deep thoughts about Holly and opens up to Char and Marnie about it...

  • Char seems kinda angry... OH OH Kyle...

  • ...and Marnie seems shocked!

  • And all of a sudden everyone's involved on the 'Hyle' discussion!

  • But it definitely seems as if Kyle's DEAD happy as Holly returns for the house party!

  • And they sort everything out.

  • And play weird sex games...

  • ...until it all goes wrong again. Cause of course it does!

  • And Char get involved again...

  • ...and the fighting begins!

  • Meanwhile Holly gets real upset.

  • And Kyle just wants to leave all the drama!

  • Then the crying begins.

  • And Holly is heartbroken and everything is TERRIBLE!

  • Elsewhere, Aaron decides to cosy up with Chloe.

  • And Marnie is not happy...

  • ...but the two can sort it out eventually!

  • But there is always one who gets mortal and mental (Chloe)...

  • But Gaz can somehow calm her down a bit!

  • Until Char gets involved again!!!!

  • Charlotte should just stay out of things...

  • ...because this is what happens if she does get involved!!! DRAMA!

  • Luckily Nathan is a good comforter!

  • In Char's case there is only one person who can calm her down!

  • Gaz is her white knight!

  • And all of sudden everyones calm again... even Charlotten. Thanks Gaz!

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