Puff Daddy and Drake 'put feud to bed'

Puff Daddy and Drake have reportedly agreed to move on from their argument.

Puff Daddy and Drake have reportedly ended their feud via the phone.

The two stars have been embroiled in a hip-hop beef since December, when they were involved in an altercation in Miami. They are thought to have argued about business, with claims Puff accused Drake of “disrespecting” him and then punched him.

Since then things have been tense between the men, but TMZ now suggests they have buried the hatchet.

It’s thought the pair agreed to a phone call last month, where they each aired their grievances. This is thought to have helped matters immensely, with the superstars agreeing to let bygones be bygones.

According to the gossip website, the driving force behind the negotiations was money. Both Puff and Drake are due to play a series of big shows this summer, including awards shows, and they realised it’s highly likely they will be in the same place at the same time. Rather than negotiate awkward situations or one of them having to cancel plans and miss out on a pay day, the gents decided to move forward with their lives.

Both men are said to have told those around them not to enflame the situation too, after Drake’s mentor J. Prince allegedly warned Puff to leave the R&B star alone.

The initial argument is thought to have been about music rights, with Puff adamant Drake was using one of his tunes without permission.

It’s not the first high-profile row Drake has been involved in. In 2012 he and Chris Brown had a spat inside a nightclub in New York. It’s believed they were feuding about Rihanna, who dated both musicians.
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Monday, 18. May 2015