1D Play Dodgeball And Speak Out About Zayn

One Direction have finally spoken out about Zayn Malik quitting the group.

So the lads, of One Direction finally left their ‘safety zone’ and spoke out ‘bout all the inZAYNess at yesterdays *’The Late Late Show’* with James Corden to play a game of Dodgeball (real funny), but also to FINALLY shatter all those rumors and let us breathe again!

Apparently, the lads first were initially angry when Zayn Malik left the band. As EVERYONE knows, Zayn departed the band in March, confirming his decision after he’d been signed off their OTRA Tour with stress. He later explained, that the group didn’t ‘feel real’ to him anymore (screaming internally), which is something his bandmate Liam Payne believes was obvious to everyone.

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‘At first we were a little bit angry, we were surprised. I think we all knew the general vibe that Zayn was feeling. You could sort of tell. And from the outside people could tell,’ he recently told talk show host James Corden on the ‘Late Late Night Show’.

‘There’s certain parts of this job Zayn loved and there’s certain parts that he didn’t. And if you don’t like your job you’ve gotta follow your heart sometimes and go where you need to go… we were angry at first and then it was just more disappointed. We wish him the best of luck with whatever he gets up to. There’s no hard feelings.’

Things haven’t always been so peachy between Zayn and members of the group though. Louis Tomlinson just recently became embroiled in a huge Twitter feud with his (former) BFF Zayn and producer Naughty Boy, who Zayn has been working with since leaving One Direction. Louis poked fun at a picture Naughty Boy posted online, prompting Zayn to publicly take him to task for making ‘b***hy’ comments about him.

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All of that Twitter feuding really hurt our eyes and souls guys! But Louis thankfully stated with the following words when he was asked about the incident…

‘There’s a bit back and forth. We’re on good terms with him. I’ve never been very good at biting my tongue, maybe I get it off my mum. It’s just one of those things. Twitter is great for connecting with the fans but also, if you feel like saying something you probably shouldn’t, it’s also great for that. Or bad, in this case. Yeah, it’s all resolved. It’s all good in the hood.’

Furthermore, Harry Styles shattered the myth of replacing Zayn, by saying that this never was anything, anyone ever thought about with Niall adding, that it also never occurred to them to call it a day.

‘No not at all, the four of us love every part of it,’ Niall explained. ‘The shows have been great and the tour – the fans deserve it, they’ve been absolutely fantastic to us. We enjoy every aspect of it. The shows have been great, we’re in the studio at the minute. So we’re looking forward to bringing out a new record, going on more tours and stuff. We’re really enjoying it.

You’ve heard it guys, THEY ARE REALLY ENJOYING IT! Thanks lads for eventually clearing this up.

Need a laugh after all this talk? Then totally watch 1D and James Corden play Dodgeball. It’s hilarious:

Friday, 15. May 2015