Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Time to have a ball lads and lasses!

Pets unite, ‘cause our favorite Geordie Shore lass, Charlotte Crosby turns 25 today! This basically means, that it’s totes the time, to release our inner party animal in honor for this one great lass! But beware, ‘cause we all know, that *’Psycho Charlotte’* can’t miss out on any kind of celebration, which, if we’re honest, is THE actual reason we do love her so.

>>> Watch Geordie Shore Here!

Char’s Birthday celebration and her beloved alter ego, were totally reason enough, to create a whole ‘Psycho Charlotte’ mash-up and enjoy her best moments with a ‘Radgey Rating’ as well! Go and check out our vid above and cheers to you Char!

With love,

Saturday, 16. May 2015