Miley Cyrus Got A New Hairdo

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  • MIley's current look reminds us of a blonde 60ies bombshell!

  • So many options....!

  • What a throwback! Miley in 2006!

  • Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus in 2007

  • Same year different hair...wowza!

  • Miley only a few month later with a totally different look!

  • Miley Cyrus in 2008

  • 2008 obviously was, lets say, a 'darker phase' of Miley!

  • Then, all of a sudden she switched to red!

  • And a fringe!

  • In 2010 she was still rockin the red head but the bangs didn't last that long...

  • In 2010 Miley went for the sleek blonde model look

  • And it even got sleeker and loooooooonger!

  • Then, in 2012 Miley went for a hombre look and her hair got shorter....

  • and shorter...

  • Then short and sleek!

  • The premiere of Mileys short cut took place at the VMA's 2012... we feel honored!!!

  • And she even went shorter and blonder!

  • The classic Miley hair bun(s) first spotted at the VMA's in 2013!

  • Miley in 2014 and how we know and love her!

  • So what'll be next on Miley's hairdo list???

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    ...and it's 'unbeweavable'!

    One things for sure, we know, that Miley Cyrus loooooves her short her. She even said a couple of years ago, that she would never see herself having long hair again. Well, now it seems as if she had a change of heart, because we spotted Miley with some blonde extensions, that definitely past her shoulders…

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    The best part of it all, is definitely the whole process of picking out her weave, seeing Miley laying on a bed covered in plethora of options. Seeing this, we now honestly hope, that we’re gonna spot those hot pink strands on her head ASAP.

    This whole hairdo thingy, was also reason enough, to come up with an entire ‘Miley Cyrus Hair Evolution’ gallery. So go and take a click and maybe find yourself a little inspiration there!

    Wednesday, 13. May 2015