Ariana Grande Brings Back The Hair Bow

    ...and her blonde ponytail!

    Lately it seems, as if Ariana Grande is kinda reminiscing ‘bout the good ol’ days, as she’s totally gone back to her blonde ponytail and even was spotted getting back her hair bow game again! Yup, no joke. Our girl is in a ‘bowy’ mood again.

    Obviously Ariana felt so moved by this moment herself, that she even posted a photo from the “stu”- studio, revealing her new/old look.

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    The photo, uhm, taken from a more lets say, unusual angle, shows us ‘the bow’, whilst Ariana shares her thoughts on her throwback moment by captioning: ‘threw it back w that ribbon’. Besides all the excitement, Ari still wants to make it very clear, that ‘this does not mean in any way shape or form means that ribbons are ’back’ lol.’

    ‘Okay’, we got it! Nevertheless we still felt the urge to collect our favorite ‘Bow Outfits’ in our picture gallery above. Take a look!

    Tuesday, 12. May 2015