Niall Horan Got Pranked In The Best Way Ever

    Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson pull the ultimate prank on Niall Horan as they trash his car...

    Finally, we do have some fun news ‘bout the One Direction lads again. I mean, we kinda got real sick of all this leaving and feuding and whatsoever… Yup, we’re looking at you, Louis and Zayn….

    All this crazy crazyness of the past few weeks, probably led the lads to be in serious need of some distraction, as Liam Payne and the usual prankster, Louis Tomlinson came up with the idea to prank poor Naill Horan in the best way ever.

    Being reunited, as the great foursome in L.A. again, to wirte and record their fifth album, Liam and Louis took some time off and started ‘pimping’ Nialls ride.

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    The poor Niallster most probably didn’t see that coming, although Liam even teased their vicious plan on Instagram by saying: ‘There is fun to be done’.

    Luckily the Nialler seemed to agree, that the whole thing was simply hilarious as he retweeted on Liam and Louis ‘warnings’ in the most bromancy way one could think of – oh you guys…

    LiLo even captured their whole prank development on Instagram. The guys definitately didn’t skimp on the accessory there! So BEHOLD and take a look at their beautiful work in our picture gallery above!

    Thanks for the laugh:

    Tuesday, 12. May 2015