Geordie Shore: Nathan Took Someone To The Shag Pad!

We knew that he'd charm anyones pants off! Good lad!

It’s nothing new, that someone, takes someone to the shag pad ‘once in while’, at least in the Geordie Shore house it isn’t. Sunday nights episode, should be one, that writes ‘TV history’ and that just because, Nathan, our new cute Geordie lad, took someone to the shag pad who happened to be a guy and not a girl. Of course people started talking, this and that and apparently not everybody felt ‘comfortable’ with seeing ‘that’. We think, Nathan had a hell of night and that’s basically all what counts, no matter with whom.

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His BFF and partner in crime Holly Hagan also responded by saying:
‘I am so proud of nathanhgshore. He knew, that such a thing has never been seen on television dimensions and thus comes out openly for his sexuality. Admirable!
It is 2015 and everybody..! Should realize that it is ridiculous to now having to come ’out’ themselves. Love knows no boundaries and stupid people should just keep their mouths and go back to the 90s #geordieshoreshore #LGBT #freedom’

Thanks Holly!

Nathan was pretty open and clear ‘bout his sexuality from the moment he entered the Geordie Shore house by saying, that he prefers men over women anyways, but he actually doesn’t care. And so do we. We just don’t care ’bout gender rules and regulations and say, happy further shagging Nathan, but always remember, safety first!

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Monday, 11. May 2015