Ed Sheeran Was The Cutest Baby Ever

...of course he was!

Your heart, will basically melt in no time when watching Ed Sheeran's brand new music video for Photograph.

Our favorite ginger of all times, came up with the idea, of using home movie footage for his new vid, showing him as a teenie-tiny baby, to growing up throughout his childhood and finally becoming the superstar he’s known as today. The Emil Nava-directed vid serves as the final single to be lifted from Ed's multi-million selling album Multiply.

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For the most part, Ed lets someone else take centre stage for his music videos, so we can’t thank his parents enough for this little gem right here. Just look at those cheeks, they’re just to cute to be true!

Beware guys! Cuteness overload when watching:

Monday, 11. May 2015