Stressed star Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas likes having total control over his music now he’s a solo star.

Nick Jonas gets seriously stressed out.

The ex-Jonas Brother has branched out on his own since the fall of the sibling band, which also starred Nick’s brothers Kevin and Joe.

He won over critics with his acting in TV show Kingdom and has also seen his solo self-titled album do well in the charts.

However, the 22-year-old often finds his heavy workload can leave him stressed.

“I’d have to say my level of stress [is my biggest fault],” he told Fault magazine. “I push myself pretty hard, and I don’t think you can be as free as you need to be creatively when you have that.”

Opening up about who he’d love to collaborate with, he named Prince and new talent The Weeknd as top of his list.

Nick’s latest song Jealous has been a hit around the world, soaring in both the US and UK charts.

It’s been weird for him to adjust to not having his brothers around him, but being a solo artist has meant he can retain more say over his work.

“I felt like I was able to have total control over the music, and able to really open myself up creatively – Jealous was actually the first song I wrote. I think there are definitely topics that I’m more comfortable to speak about at this point in my life than I was a couple of years ago, and naturally there are darker tones to the music,” he explained.
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Sunday, 10. May 2015