7 Beauty Lessons From Rihanna’s Snapchat

    ...so far!

    Ever since Rihanna joined Snapchat this April, we’ve totally kept an eye on each of her stories, not only to feel closer to her and our inner badgal, nope, moreover to pick up tips/life hacks/advice/inspiration from our queen.

    And yup, we totally found what we were looking for, or at least parts of it, cause RiRi has offered us a peak behind the curtain, especially when it comes to beauty 411, since she joined Snapchat.

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    Obviously, we’re eagerly anticipating her next Snapchat lesson, but until then, we’ve collected the top 7 things we’ve learned from BadGalRiRi (well, actually her Snapchat name is @rihanna, but we digress).

    Thursday, 14. May 2015