Super Mario Is Rihanna's Fashion Inspiration

    Don't believe us? Go and click through our picture gallery!

    Rihanna basically wowed us into another dimension with here yellow-mega-cape-dress, she wore at this years Met Ball! Of course the world wide web went crazy, and memes and other funny things were breaking the internet in no time.

    Of course, we love memes and laughs and everything to it, but seriously guys, we need to dig a bit deeper now and get to know the cause, or lets say the inspiration behind Rihanna’s experimental outfits, as the ‘yellow one’ wasn’t the only wow worthy outfit these days. Remember the pink-cupcake-ruffle one?!

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    Thank god, that Reddit-User, Ranzok basically felt the same urge and kind of solved RiRi's style inspiration mystery for us. Cause nope, it’s not the achievement of an underground designer or some fashion icon, nah, it’s the work of Nintendo’s Super Mario!

    Don’t believe us? Well, you’ll surely be convinced in a sec by clicking through our picture gallery above. Go and check it out!

    Friday, 08. May 2015