Hailee Steinfeld: I don't get a prom

Hailee Steinfeld found it "terrifying" to sing live during production of Pitch Perfect 2.

Hailee Steinfeld “chilled hard” when she missed out on the chance to go to prom.

The 18-year-old actress has already become a big name in the industry, starring in movies such as Ender’s Game and True Grit. But she’s kept up her education throughout and is about to finish her studies, not that there’ll be a big celebration for her at the end.

“I’ve been home schooled since sixth grade so I won’t technically have an actual graduation. I did it in a movie once so I guess that kind of counts… [I’ll be celebrating with my] parents, dogs, brother,” she grinned to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

“One of my best girlfriends went to prom two Friday nights in a row, so two Friday nights I was just chilling hard by myself. Two different proms! But then the Friday after that I attended the Met Ball in New York so…”

Hailee jumps straight into college for her latest role as Emily in Pitch Perfect 2, which also sees the return of original cast members Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. The musical comedy required all the stars to sing and despite Hailee not feeling confident at first, she soon got into the swing of things when challenged on set. In fact she admits she felt like a “rock star” at the end of filming.

“[I was] so nervous, oh my God in fact the first time that I sing in the movie is when I audition for the Bellas to become a Bella. I had pre-recorded my audition but on the day when we were filming that, for some reason I couldn’t for the life of me match my recording, I couldn’t lip sync it,” she recalled. “So I ended up singing it live, really, so the first time you hear me singing you will be hearing me sing live. Which is terrifying! And we were like well into shooting so I knew everybody, it wasn’t like I had just met them and now I’m singing in front of them. They’re really good singers.”
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Friday, 08. May 2015