Gosling Pays Tribute In Finally Eating His Cereal...

..as Ryan McHenry, the mastermind behind the cereal video, sadly lost his battle against cancer just yesterday.

Everyone knows THE video clip, were when Ryan Gosling refuses to eat his cereal, just everyone does. The vid quickly became massively popular, with even gaining cult status throughout the internet. Ryan McHenry was the genius who created this vine phenomenon, by simply pointing a spoon full of breakfast cereal against the film star’s mouth and giving us non-stop giggles.

The sad news is, that McHenry lost his long battle against bone cancer, with only 27 years old just yesterday. Twittersphere immediately started a tribute campaign, where eating your cereal pays him tribute. Something that Gosling immediately picked up bay recording a video, where he finally eats a bowl of breakfast cereal.

With this in mind…R.I.P. Ryan Mc Henry

Tuesday, 05. May 2015