The Beat Of Norway | 6.0

Time to put Norway into the limelight!

Many of our favourite heavyweights have released new singles over the last couple of weeks. Bergens pop princess Gabrielle is back with a huge new track, and both Aurora and Ina Wroldsen have unleashed equally strange but incredibly great new music. It’s time to let the music do the talking, as we once again embrace the Beat of Norway!

Skinny Days – Alright Right Now
You might think these guys are total newcomers in the scene, but they have already produced hits for the likes of OMVR and Julie Bergan. ‘Alright Right Now’ starts off with soulful vocals, to then burst into an incredibly addictive beat. Good luck to resisting the urge to dance when this track comes up!  We already call it a summer hit! 

Listen to it on >>> iTunes

Aurora – Running With The Wolves
Aurora’s rise to fame has been impressive over the last couple of years, especially considering how little material she has released officially. Therefore every single taste that we get of what’s to come, makes for an exciting musical experience. ‘Running With The Wolves’ is probably her best offering yet, and has that certain degree off catchiness that could turn this into her big breakout hit. If she would let us, we would go for a run with Aurora and the wolves anyday! 

>>> Listen to 'Running With The Wolves' Here

Ina Wroldsen – Rebels
Finally a new solo track from one of Norway’s most acclaimed songwriters, Ina Wroldsen. Her debut single ‘Aliens (Her er jeg)’ has gotten heavy rotation ever since it was released last fall, and now we finally have it’s successor. The new single is called ‘Rebels’, and after the first listen you can tell that this is a special track. It has a strange and moody vibe to it, in a good sense. It didn’t take long before this song was completely stuck in our heads. We are rebels! 

Be rebellious with Ina and enjoy the catchy track on >>> iTunes

Sam – Utakontroll
Could this be Norway’s next Hip Hop star? Sam’s new single ‘Utakontroll’ has an incredibly addictive beat, and the video is a colorful treat for the eyes. We have high expectations for his EP ‘Først Som Sist’, which will be released in May. 

Gabrielle – MER
This kind of production is rarely seen on the Norwegian music scene. Out of nowhere, *Gabrielle *dropped her new single ‘MER’, and the accompanying massive video. While the song lacks a bit of the ear-candy-factor we have gotten used to from her, she more than makes up for it in the video which could easily go as a trailer for a science fiction blockbuster. In other Gabriellle-news, she be joining the already impressive lineup for this years Palmesus Festival. We thought we couldn’t get more excited, but our expectations has once again been raised. 

>>> Watch and listen to Gabrielle – MER

Other music news:
In other exciting music news, DJ/Producer Matoma is featured alongside the one and only JLo, on Jason Derulos track ‘Try Me’, from his new album. We will definitely write more about this one as soon as it gets released. 

Beat-favourite Astrid Smeplass has announced that she’s changing her artist name from Astrid to Astrid S. This is to seperate her easier from any other Astrid-artist there is, and to make it easier to find her music. As long as we get some new music soon, it’s fine with us!

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Written by Erik Rydning

Tuesday, 05. May 2015