Sam Smith cancels more tour dates

Sam Smith has been forced to cancel more shows as he deals with a vocal cord haemorrhage.

Sam Smith is seeing an American specialist as he tries to recover from a vocal cord haemorrhage.

Last week the 22-year-old star was forced to cancel the remaining dates on his Australian tour and he has now pulled out of shows in Japan and Manila. Doctors warned he needed complete rest to get over his illness, and he has given an update on his treatment.

“Very upset about Japan and Manilla dates. I’ve just left Australia and I’m on my way to the states to see a specialist to see what to do from there… This is f**king horrid (sic),” he wrote on Instagram early this morning.

In a statement on Facebook he confirmed he was postponing the shows, revealing that his treatment so far has helped but he still has a long way to go. He called the problem with his cords a “serious issue”, which is why he is seeking the help of a team in the US.

At the moment there is no word on why this happened to Sam, although Adele has previously suffered the same thing.

Sam has been taking it easy as he struggles to get back on his feet and has been resting his voice. Over the weekend he assured fans there was no need to worry about him, revealing he hadn’t spoken for days in an effort to get well.

“Just to let all my beautiful fans know, I’m ok. I am insanely relaxed and am somewhere in the middle of Australia with no phone, no laptop and I haven’t spoken a word in three days,” he wrote on the photo-sharing website.

“Trying my absolute best to be back on my feet and singing for next week. So amazing to have this time to turn off, but it does make me realise how much I love what I do, and how much I miss you all when I’m not on stage.”
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Tuesday, 05. May 2015