Suffering from Kardashian Overload? Dash-Out!

...with your very own Kardashian Blocker!

You’re so very annoyed by Kylie’s, Kendall’s, Kim’s and all the other Kardashian Belfies and Selfies… basically by everything what they do or don’t do? Well, we can’t promise you to not report about one of the most controversy familes of all time again, because yes, we have to admit, we do have a thing for weird and yet adorable.

But we do offer you the opportunity to white-out all the Kardashian content by downloading 'Dash-Out', your very own Kardashian Blocker. And no this is no drill, this really exists and it’s way to funny!

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So if you just had enough of Kim, showing you how great celebrity life can be… just 'Dash-Out' for a little while!

And if you do feel the urge, to follow another gorgeous ceremony, a romantic honeymoon, million dollar licensing fees, and everything in between again, then whoop, you just ‘Dash-In’ again and delete your Kardashian blocker!

Your life, your decisions. But hey, bare with us!

Monday, 04. May 2015