You Can Now Hashtag Emojis On Instagram

...except the Eggplnat, because it's the universal symbol for a ding-a-ling!

Great news folks, cause Instagram’s latest update, enables us to hashtag emojis, making them easily searchable, so we can see all the hashtagged smiling piles of poo in the world.

However, the image sharing Gods have obviously realised that the eggplant emoji, is the universal symbol for a ding-a-ling (penis), because they’ve banned it from being hashtagged!

We totally get that Instagram doesn’t want a whole lot of ding-a-lings being filtered through their search, but what if our latest #foodporn salad genuinely contains aubergine? #hashtagproblems.

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Instagram’s blocked tags list includes the likes of #porn (for obvious reasons) and #thinspo (to stop people encouraging eating disorders), yet the syringe, gun, knife and bomb emojis are yet to be banned.

Seriously?! We live in a world where a cartoon piece of fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) is more offensive than illegal weapons. Think about THAT, Instagram.


Tuesday, 28. April 2015