Gigi Hadid's Birtday Bash & Other Revelations

    Did Gigi just spill the beans on Jendall?!

    Last Sunday, Gigi Hadid had her mega model Birthday Bash party, including family and friends, a lot of cake and whoops, some revelation, regarding the rumored romance between Justin Bieber and her BFF, Kendall Jenner!

    Gigi and Kendall both enjoyed posting a lot of snapshots on Instagram that night, as one pic of the model pair, happened to show Kendall biting into some cake, whilst Gigi’s holding up signs reading ‘bffs’, ‘kiss a fool’ and ‘single’ – we repeat ‘SINGLE’, which she conveniently points at KJ.

    Whilst Gigi is currently dating Aussie heartthrob and singer Cody Simpson, Kendall has repeatedly been linked to Biebs, especially after their romantic cuddle cosyness at this years Coachella.

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    So what are they now? Friends or is Jendall really happening?!

    Tuesday, 28. April 2015