Harry Styles Got A New Tattoo! But What Is It?!

    Harry Styles’ Old Tattoos Reveal A Major Clue About His Mysterious New Thigh Ink...

    Everyone relax, we’re not revealing any kind of bad news concerning One Direction, cause FINALLY, everything seems to be more than splendid in bandland!

    But one thing, still remains to be some kind of a mystery, at least when it comes to a certain body part of Mr. Styles. By ‘certain’, we mean his leg… his actual, proper leg, for all the dirty minded ones here. But seriously guys, on a recent Instagram pic, uploaded by his close friend ‘Chelsea Handler’, we’ve spotted some new ink on Harry’s leg.

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    The good news is, it’s prominently placed on the Hazza thigh, legitimizing our tendency to stare longingly at his legs. The bad news is, this is the only photo we have of it so far and it’s still totally unclear what the tat actually is. WHAT THE HECK IS IT???

    After some brainstorming and a few nervous break downs in between, we came to the conclusion, that Harry’s collection of other tattoos might reveal a major hint about his new ink. That’s because, the cheeky little lad has a well-documented passion for wordplays, when it comes to his body art. For instance, the birdcage on his ribs – ‘ribcage’ or the more obvious one, the butterfly on his stomach – butterflies in your tummy’!

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    What a bright, bright lad he truly is. But anyway, if Harry decided to continue this playful pattern of words on his little body, it’s safe to assume that his new tat would be some kind of play on words, involving thighs or legs… so, we continued with some more (crazy) brain-racking!

    So here are our suitably random, but entirely feasible possibilities we so wanted to share with you! Check out our tat gallery above!

    Thursday, 23. April 2015