Wait! Gary Beadle Slept With 1.000 Women?!

The Geordie Shore star has even done the maths to prove it...

We’ve heard him say it over and over again, but Gary Beadle’s claim to have slept with over 1,000 women still shocks us.

That said, the Geordie Shore hunk is at least humble enough to admit, that if he weren’t famous, the number of notches on his bedpost would be much smaller… like, ‘only’ 250.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the the Geordie lad said: ’I’m not giving the exact number (of people I slept with). It’s with the job. If I wasn’t doing Geordie Shore I would probably only be on 250 my whole life. An average lad nowadays is on 100 – easy.’

ONLY 250?

Gaz is clearly living in a different world to us. No, really. He actually is. He went on to justify his bedroom antics with mathematics.

‘If you’re doing 12 appearances a month and if you slept with a girl every time that’s 144 girls a year,’ he says.

’I’ve been doing it for four years. That is 700 girls (it’s actually 576). That’s a mass already,’ he calculated. (It’s actually 576, Gaz. Sorry.)

‘They are just examples,’ he added. ‘In one year I did 320 appearances. If I was working on a building site those girls would never be there. In this environment, and what I do, that’s where the girls come from.’

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And, of course, he’s not one to turn down the offer of a night of fun when it presents itself.

‘If you have one thousand girls during appearances begging you to take them home, what would you want us to do? Say, ’Sorry girls, not tonight I want to go back by myself,’ he continued.

‘No lad in their right mind would turn down those girls. It’s impossible.’

Well, at least he’s honest. But what does his new misses Lillie Lexie Gregg think of all that shagging?

‘Lillie is a good girl and so she was like, ’God that is disgusting’,’ Gaz admitted.

So now that Gaz is ‘off the market’, what’s going to happen with ‘Chazza’??? OH, OH…

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Thursday, 23. April 2015