Ariana, Miley, Selena: Here's Our 'How To Survive Those Break-Ups'

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  • DO: Get physical (shake it off)!

  • DON'T: Get too physical (Sex with your Ex is rarely a good idea, no matter how nice Ariana's morning breath smells)!

  • DO: Try a new look

  • DON’T: Do anything too drastic

  • DO: Indulge yourself

  • DON’T: Over indulge yourself (ice cream is NOT the solution)!

  • DO: Go on a vaycay with your besties (vitamin D and hugs should help)!

  • DON’T: Run away from your problems! They'll still be there when you come back!

  • DO: Binge watch your favourite TV show!

  • DON'T: Compare you and your ex to your favourite TV couples!

  • DO: Have a social media clean-up!

  • DON'T: Have a soical media stalk. You don't want to see your ex cosing up with some other potential boy/girlfriend material!

  • BUT above all else, JUST DO YOU HONEY!

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    All the single ladies, put your hands up!

    What is actually happening?! Is it just me, or is everyone splitting up right now?! Those break-ups just seem to be everywhere! First, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and his sweet, sweet longterm girlfriend, Eleanor Calder called it splits and now even Ariana Grande and Big Sean are done for good.

    Poor newly singles, nothing sucks quite like a break-up, as we’re sure Ariana Grande, Eleanor Calder, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez will vouch. Heck, we feel you gals!

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    Let’s also spare a thought for the boys; Big Sean, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Zedd and Louis Tomlinson are probably avoiding Instagram like the plague, for fear of seeing exactly what they’ve just lost.

    So how to survive those early single days? Check our do’s and don’ts above… and let us fix you!

    Wednesday, 22. April 2015