Calvin and Taylor's 'cat chaos'

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are said to have disagreed about her beloved cats.

Calvin Harris’ cat allergy is reportedly causing tension between him and Taylor Swift.

The superstar DJ and US singer are the hottest new couple around at the moment, having got together at the Brit Awards in February according to reports.

Things are thought to be going well, with Taylor seen supporting her beau in Las Vegas when he played a set and the pair food shopping together. However it’s been claimed there is one fly in the ointment; Calvin can’t be around Taylor’s beloved felines Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey.

“When he stayed over at Taylor’s LA house last week, Calvin says he was up all night blowing his nose and complaining he couldn’t breathe,” a source told British magazine Heat. “Apparently he’s allergic to the long fluffy hair on Taylor’s cats, and they usually sleep in the bed so it’s everywhere. He left really early in the morning – I think it’s caused a bit of tension, because now Calvin wants to meet up in hotel rooms or at his place in LA, but not at Taylor’s.”

That apparently hasn’t gone down too well with Taylor, but it’s hoped the pair can work things out.

They certainly seem to be thinking about their future together, with Calvin reported to have told Taylor he doesn’t want her to write any lyrics about him recently.

She’s known for penning tracks about her exes, most famously Harry Styles and John Mayer, with Calvin said to have been open and honest about what he wants from the romance.

“It was the white elephant in the room, but it’s been on his mind, so he confronted her about it last week, telling her he doesn’t want her to do that to him,” a source told America’s OK! magazine. “[Calvin] doesn’t want to join the ranks of Swift refugee boyfriends who’ve been humiliated by one of her revenge songs.”
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Saturday, 18. April 2015