Ryan Reynolds' cheesy rock out sessions 

Ryan Reynolds likes to rock out to cheesy guitar music

Ryan Reynolds was mortified when he was caught “ferociously lip-synching” to a cheesy rock song.

The 38-year-old actor is entirely comfortable with himself, so has no problem admitting he likes listening to old guitar track at when the mood takes him. However, there is a time and a place for everything and he’s now had a rethink about how open he is with his musical loves.

“These Dreams by Heart,” he told People magazine, when asked about the last time he rocked out. “I was lip-synching ferociously in the car the other day. And a bus load of kids were looking at me, laughing. Not the song you want to get caught rocking out to.”

Ryan’s ego wasn’t too bruised though, as he can always count on his wife Blake Lively to help pick him up. She is the last person to call him sexy, which she uttered as he stepped out the house recently leaving the actor feeling hunky all day.

Just as the star enjoys Blake being kind to him, he realises it’s important to give back too. That means he tries to treat people well in everyday life and be as charitable as possible.

“The last good deed I did… It’s kind of a cliché but I was walking in Santa Monica and a blind woman was asking for help to cross the street. She was probably 75,” he recalled. “Everyone just kept walking past her. I kind of caught myself, ‘What are you doing? Go over there and help!’ So I walked her across the street. And she kind of commandeered me for the next hour. She was very sweet.”
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Saturday, 18. April 2015