It's International Lookalike Day People!

...and we've collected the 20 best celeb lookalikes for you!

Do you actually know, what makes the 20th of April such a very special day?! Well, it’s THE DAY where one should find it’s better half. And by ‘better half’, we surely don’t mean your new crush or your siblings, nope. Today is meant to find or spot your true doppelganger, cause today, it’s International Lookalike Day!

We’ve already collected our 20 celeb lookalike faves in our picture gallery above, and of course Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber can’t miss out on this one, as they just must have been separated shortly after birth…just look at their similar little faces!

Go and check on our other hilarious lookalikes and have a happy day!

Monday, 20. April 2015