The Beat Of Norway | 5.0

Time to put Norway into the limelight!

Once again, it’s time to embrace the ‘Beat of Norway’! This time, we go from pop veterans Briskeby, to fresher new acts like Coucheron, Kin and Sigrid Zeiner. Take a read and a listen below, along with a video premiere from Sophie Elise, and a brand new duet between Astrid and Vine-superstar  Shawn Mendes!

Briskeby – Rookie Mistakes
One of Norway’s finest pop bands are finally ready to make their comeback on the Norwegian music scene. With Rookie Mistakes, Briskeby proves that they definitely still have what it takes to create the best kind of ear candy. Lise delivers the vocals as usual, and sounds better than ever. This is a true Briskeby-song, but mixed with a little bit of the irresistibly catchy Donkeyboy-sound. We have a feeling that radio is going to eat this one up.

Listen to Rookie Mistakes on >>> Spotify

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Kin – Patience
We have already been obsessing over Kin’s track, ‘La Push’ for a while now. They’ve recently released another track, ‘Patience’, in which they slow it down a bit. Luckily this is yet another top notch track from them. They have really created a perfect blend of pop/hiphop-music, and so far, the’ve shown an impressive ability to create catchy and unique hooks and melodies. 

Listen to ’Patience right >>> HERE

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Kehlani feat, Coucheron – Alive
Norwegian super producer Coucheron/DJ has joined forces with Los Angeles-based singer Kehlani. The result is an incredibly chill track. The vibe is completely irresistible, so that ‘Alive’ surely will be the perfect addition to this years summer soundtrack.

Enjoy this laidback track, we are almost certain that you won’t be disappointed.
>>> Listen HERE

Sigrid Zeiner – Uncomfortable/Overload
Sigrid is still relatively fresh in the scene, but she has more than proven herself with the material she has released so far. Her previous single ‘Uncomfortable’ is a delicious electropop number, in which she shows both, her great vocal chops, as well as her great lyrical skills. When the chorus kicks in you’ll be convinced that Sigrid is surely one to watch! If you like what you’re hearing you can join her at Uhørt in Oslo this Sunday, for the premiere of her new video for ‘Overload’. 

In the meantime, here’s the video to ‘Uncomfortable’

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Shawn Mendes feat. Astrid – Air
Shawn has finally released his debut album ‘Handwritten’. Featured on one of the tracks, is no other than Norwegian superstar in the making, Astrid! Their voices blend great together, and it makes ‘Air’ an instant treat from the very beginning. This is a great way for Astrid to also reach an audience outside of Norway. 

Listen to this smooth guitar track right here.

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Sophie Elise – Love Like That >>> VIDEO PREMIERE
In the last edition of *Beat* we wrote about our love for Sophie Elise’s heartfelt ballad ‘Love Like That’. Since then she has gotten around to releasing the accompanying video for it. Join Sophie in this pretty black and white visual for this mellow and addictive track. 

Written by Erik Rydning

Friday, 17. April 2015