Brothers Green: EATS! | The Recipes

You want to cook like the Brothers Green? Here's the recipes from the show!

Mmm. Wow. Yummy. Brothers Green: EATS! are cooking up one awesome dish after the other! Our mouths are watering.

You want to try some of the dishes at home? Well here’s your chance – we gather all the recipes from the show right here:

Episode 1:
- Stuffed Bagel Donut
- Microwave Peanut Butter Banana Bread
- The Bao Bun Burger
- Ramlette

Episode 2:
- The Mad Scot Dog
- 3 Things to Do With
- Philly Pretzel Banh Mi Schnitzel
- Nacho Tortilla Scramble

Episode 3:
- Four-Course Pizza
- Things to do with garlic
- Bacon Jalapeno Cornbread Cake
- Monte Cristo Donut Waffle Grilled Cheese French Toast Sandwich

Episode 4:
PB & J Cream Cheese Quesadilla Recipe
Ice Cube Milkshake Recipe
Tuna Melt Recipe
Okonomiyaki Ramen Recipe

Episode 5:
- Ramen Nuggets
- Fried Sushi Burrito
- Japanese Cheese Steak

Episode 6:
- Malta Tuna Panty Dropper

Episode 7:
- Falafel Slider
- Things to Do With White Bread
- Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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