Brothers Green: EATS! | Ramlette Recipe

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Ever caught yourself eating raw ramen out of the package in the middle of the night? That’s just sad! But this mouth-banging ramen-and-egg dish will blow your mind.

Oil for pan
1 scallion, chopped
1 tsp. soy sauce
Dash salt & pepper
1 package cooked ramen noodles + spice packet
3 eggs
¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese
4 sliced baby Portobello mushrooms (also called cremini), sautéed
Ranch dressing
Sriracha ketchup

1. Spray oil in a small sauté pan. Add cooked ramen, form into a pancake shape, and cook till it’s brown on the bottom. Slide ramen out of the pan.

2. Sauté scallion with salt, pepper and soy sauce in the pan.

3. Add cooked ramen back to the pan, with the browned side on top.

4. Whisk eggs with the contents of the spice packet.

5. Slowly pour beaten eggs over the noodle mixture and watch the ramlette start to come together. Flip it if you dare!

6. Once the egg is set, top half the mixture with cheese and mushrooms.

7. Gently fold the ramlette in half and let cook another 2 minutes.

8. Transfer to a plate and zip with ranch and sriracha ketchup.

Consider your midnight munchies satisfied!

Sunday, 19. April 2015