Move Over Emoji's We Now Have Miley Cyrus

This would be to good to be true!

Let’s be honest! No one can text their BFF without adding a dancing twin emoji here, or the thumbs up emoji there. Texting these days, just won’t work without them anymore. How else should one express their feelings (as we just got to many of them)?!

Obviously, Miley Cyrus shares our never-ending love towards those cute little fellas too, as she’s not only been placing them on her face as stickers, or even covering up her nipples on one of her many ‘free the nipple selfies’ via photoshop.

>>> The Never-ending Emoji Fun

Now hold your breath peeps, cause Miley might just have dropped the best news ever (if she really gets up to this one). Our Banger girl recently teased us with her very own emoji collection via Instagram! Now just imagine for one moment, how many feelings you could express, by adding a Miley Cyrus emoji to your text. Priceless!

We totally need you to do this Miley. Please!

Thursday, 16. April 2015