Watch The Teasers For Geordie Shore's 2nd Episode

Keemon lads and lasses!

You just can’t get enough of our dearest Geordies? Well, you don’t have to, cause we’ve got 3 more trailers for you to totally go and sneak on the upcoming 2nd episode of Geordie Shore… you wouldn’t wanna miss out, cause uh oh, there’s gonna be tears and fights and tears and fights…

>>> Geordie Shore 10: Must See Spoiler Pics Episode 2

Totally tune in for the new season of Geordie Shore, Sundays, 22:00, only on MTV! You can also broadcast the show 6 days after TV appearance on!

Friday, 17. April 2015

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  • Geordie Shore 1002 | Uh Oh! Psycho Charlotte Attacks Marnie

  • Geordie Shore 1002 | BOOM! Marnie Swills Holly