Madonna: I’m raising fierce ladies

Madonna has thanked Rita Ora for her support after the British star paid homage to her on Instagram.

Madonna will never tell her daughter Mercy she can’t be “fierce” when she grows up.

The singer adopted the little girl from Malawi in June 2009, joining her adopted boy David and biological son and daughter Rocco and Lourdes.

Madonna has come under scrutiny recently after sharing a raunchy kiss with Drake, who at 28 is half her age, on stage at Coachella over the weekend.

But she remains unfazed and plans to encourage her daughter to be as bold as she is when she’s older.

“Shall i tell Mercy that she and her friends cannot be fierce when they are 56? Nope! I am raising ??#rebelhearts Watch and learn bishes (sic)” she wrote on Instagram alongside a video of her daughter running through a field with her little pals.

One person who was quick to leap to the defence of Madonna this week was Rita Ora. The British popstar posted a retro photo of the music icon wearing a sheer bodysuit, with little more than gems covering her modesty.

To accompany the snap Rita thanked Madonna for “fighting all these ageist battles”, noting that her determination has paved the way for younger artists to not be discriminated against in the future.

And the Like a Prayer singer appeared delighted by the kind words, screen-grabbing the photo and caption to repost on her own page.

“Thanks Rita! Good to know you appreciate the beating I’m taking so all you ladies don’t have to endure this kind of discrimination! #unapolgeticb***hes unite! ??#rebelheart (sic)” Madonna shared.

Gifs of Drake’s reaction to the kiss shot onto the internet shortly after the performance on Sunday, as the rapper amused viewers when he appeared to wipe his mouth in disgust.

But he cleared rumours up, insisting he was in fact “shocked” rather than displeased.
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Wednesday, 15. April 2015