The Best Madonna Kisses Drake Memes

    Just because we love memes!

    Madonna's kiss attack at our dearest Champagne Papi aka Drake was just priceless itself, but everything after, is way more hilarious, as the newest memes prove.

    Whilst Madonna still seems really confident about her little smooching up with the rapper, Drake now stated, against all rumors, that he actually totally digged kissing the ‘Queen Of Pop’ and that his face (disgusted but yet priceless), is not what it may seemed… this whole kiss thing probably just took him by surprise. Oh you sensitive Drizzy!

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    Drake enjoying that french kissing or not, no cares given, cause we definitely still enjoy everything about this. Especially, since the internet is basically going viral about it and now created all of these hilarious memes. We just had to come up with an album >>> Click and enjoy above!

    It all started with a kiss:

    Wednesday, 15. April 2015