Geordie Shore 10: Must See Spoilers Episode 2

  • KEEEMON!!!

  • Put the Parsnip away pet...

  • That is one happy lass mind.

  • We're not sure what happened next - but Gaz looks reet happy!

  • But not for long - the James' bombshell's coming up..

  • And the tension is palpable

  • Scotty-T looks pure gutted man

  • And so does Gaz

  • Here come the tears #NurseHolly #Cancun

  • Looks like there's only one thing to do - get MORTAL (obviously)

  • And dress up like superheroes

  • At least Kate's happy James is off

  • Charlotte's mind is only on one thing as per usual

  • This is Marnie's "true love", Dan. #Didn'tLast #RickyRayment

  • As for Aaron, he's in a VERY confused state #Suitcase #Piss #LOL

  • Time to leave - but just in case we are gonna miss those guns!

  • Talk about jumping into somebody's grave - it's new lad Nathan

  • And new lass Chloe - Looks like her and Scott have got history

  • WOW. That's what you call a first impression #SlutSplit

  • Oh, and Aaron knows how to make Nathan feel VERY welcome

  • Looks like Charlotte's not happy about something

  • We've got a feeling it's over Marnie

  • In fact, we're certain, and Holly's got an issue as well

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    It’s so, so, SO wonderful to have our lads and lasses of the Geordie Shore house back to our screens again! Cause honestly, their the only ones you can always count on, on being entertained as well as having blast.

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    As you probably are as impatient as we are, for the new episode to air, we’ve already prepared 23 MUST SEE spoiler pics in our gallery above for you. And yup, it seems as if the Geordie squad, is heading straight to dramaville (again).

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    Thursday, 16. April 2015