Holly Hagan's Body Bible

Fancy looking as fit as your favourite Geordie lass? Here's your chance...

We’ve been lusting after Holly Hagan’s figure for ages! Not only because she looks incredible, but also because we’re desperate to know the secret behind her toned body.

And FINALLY we’ve got our chance to find out, as Holly announced her new book, the 12 Week Body Bible, which promises to help all of us slightly more flabby folk to make a much-needed lifestyle change that involves more gymming and less stuffing our faces with bars of chocolate.

But those who think Holly’s all about the quick fix of a fad diet are sorely mistaken.

The Geordie Shore gal has had to do a lot of hard work to get to where she is today, ditching the booze and kebabs in favour of clean food and a lot of exercise.

This sounds like a lot of effort, but Holly promises it’s not that complicated.

‘Anybody can go out and buy this book,’ she told MTV News. ‘The exercises are all simple. The diet plan is really, really simple and easy to follow. It gives you a list of foods that you can choose from, it tells you what to eat at what time, and the exercises to do.’

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The queen of sexy selfies has also revealed her top tip for motivation during her weight loss journey – taking plenty of pictures.

‘The best progress that I could see was when I would take selfies along the way,’ she explained. ‘I wouldn’t necessarily notice it on the scales, but if I was to look back at the selfies I’d be like: ‘Oh my God! That’s so different.’

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So go and get yourself some motivation by clicking through our picture gallery above and don’t forget to tune in for the new season of Geordie Shore, every Sunday at 22:00, only on MTV.

Tuesday, 14. April 2015