Justin Bieber Kicked Out From Coachella

Calm your horses Biebes!

Uh Oh Justin Bieber! After his (short) break from the so called bad boy life, the Biebes reportedly fell back to his worst behavior again, as the ‘Where Are Ü Now’ singer, was seen to be removed from last weekends Coachella festival.

It reportedly all started, when JB and his wolf pack walked up to the artists entrance, where Drake was performing and the group was stopped by some security, telling the clique that the area was at capacity and they couldn’t come in.

We can just assume, but we’re quite positive, that this, didn’t sit well on sometimes hot-headed Justin. And yep, reportedly it really didn’t, as the Biebes fought back at the security, saying there was no way he could stand in a big crowd, because he’d get trampled by fans.

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After giving lip to another event security, Justin quickly found himself in a chokehold and was asked to leave Coachella with his mates, according to an eyewitness.

Now, words stand against words, but it’s been said, that JB is now thinking of taking legal action.

Anyways… the more important question is, where was Kendall?! …as those two just seem to be inseparable…(Kustin)!

Tuesday, 14. April 2015