WTF is this with Brothers Green: EATS

The brothers have thrown themselves in a blind tasting ...

‘What the f**ck is this?’, is probably THE question of all questions the Brothers Green will ask themselves ‘quite’ a lot, whilst taking part at their newest food contest. Both contestants are blindfolded and have to taste some of the worlds most famous regional cuisine and guess which country it’s originated.

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The game itself, doesn’t exactly turn out to be, what one would call a fest of pleasure… but the we want to know, did they guess right in any way?! To find out, watch the trailer above and learn more about the good and bad tastes of the international cuisine!

Don’t miss out on the premiere of MTV’s new foody program, Brothers Green: EATS! Sunday, April 19 at 20:35 only on MTV!

Tuesday, 14. April 2015